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I'm having connection problems at school. What should I do?
I'm having connection problems at school. What should I do?

Troubleshoot network issues at school including whitelisting

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For the Doodle apps to connect to our servers and retrieve children’s work programmes, like any other application it needs to be allowed through the school network firewall. In addition, it will also need to be allowed through the PC's Windows Firewall, and possibly even another installed firewall such as AVG, McAfee, Norton etc.

It’s extremely rare for us to have a server issue: we have two load-balanced servers, based in the UK. If there’s an issue on one, traffic is instantly diverted to the other to ensure there’s no service interruption. If you are having connectivity issues, it’s much more likely to be a network/firewall issue.

Troubleshooting firewall issues:

  1. Bypass the school network by tethering the PC to a 4G hotspot on a phone. If the Doodle apps connect via the hotspot but not the school network, it’s the school network firewall that is the problem.

  2. If, in a school, some devices connect (usually iPads) but others don’t (usually PCs), this indicates a firewall issue on the PCs - either Windows Firewall or another installed firewall is not allowing it through.

Fixing firewall issues:


If it’s a school network issue, try the following: whitelist the following domains:

Since all school networks are configured differently, it’s very difficult for us to provide generalised support with firewall issues. We are keen to help though, so if you have any specific questions that haven’t been answered above, please message us via the chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen.

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