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I'm not sure the app is synchronising between devices or the server.
I'm not sure the app is synchronising between devices or the server.
How to check the app is saving to our server.
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Doodle saves its progress to our server every time the app returns to the Learning Zone, a child presses collect my stars or a child signs out. But it does need a data connection (3G, 4G, 5G or wifi) to do this. If it doesn't have a data connection, then it saves the progress on the device instead.

Make sure;

When a student finishes a session, they tap this Sign out icon to guarantee the session has been saved.

Checking connection to the server;

  1. From the Learning Zone select the arrow in the top left hand corner followed by Settings

  2. Then select Work programme - you'll then need to enter your parent password

  3. From you can see whether data from the app has synchronised to the server. Please look for a green tick in the bottom right hand corner - a green tick is good.

If you see a red x, simply tap on it, make sure you have data connection, and click Retry.

If you still don't see the green tick, please ensure you are on latest app version and if you are please contact our support team via the green chat bubble and we'll be happy to help!

For more information on Doodling without data connection, see here.

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