Can students use multiple devices?
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Yes, children can download DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish, DoodleTables and DoodleSpell apps (for free) onto any Apple, Android or Kindle devices.

If they are using a PC, they will need to to use Doodle on the browser. We recommend using Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Students can access Doodle through these links:

A student's work program will synchronise automatically between devices if they log out after each session.

If there is no internet connection when starting a session, the programme will use a child's work program from the last session on that device.

To ensure the work syncs we recommend that users have the latest app version downloaded onto all devices. Please check this article for our latest app versions.

To ensure accurate synchronisation between devices, it’s best to log in/out with a data connection.

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