Between 1st July and 31st August we invite you to take part in our Summer Challenge 2022!

From the 1st of July, you will be able to register your child in one or both Challenges. you'll be able to do this by visiting the Parent Dashboard and pressing Register next to your child's name (if you've not yet linked your child's school account to your parent email address please follow the steps here).

In order for children to complete our Summer Challenge, children need to earn 750 stars (or 600 if they were born on or after 01/09/14) and achieve a 14-day streak in DoodleMaths and/or DoodleEnglish during the Summer Challenge period (up until 31st August)

You can track your child's progress on the Spring Challenge by keeping an eye on the two progress bars which appear on your Parent Dashboard account. You will see one progress bar for star count and another for streak count.

Once a child has reached their target, you will be able to claim your child's reward by logging in to the Parent Dashboard and pressing Claim reward next to your child's name. In order for your child to receive their physical pin badge and certificate you must Register AND Claim your child's reward.

Challenge key dates

  • Start date: Friday 1st July

  • Last chance to register and begin Challenge: Wed 17th August

  • Last day to finish challenge: Wednesday 31st August

  • Last chance to claim reward: Wednesday 31st August

Why not check out our recent webinar all about the Summer Challenge 2022?

🏖️ Happy Doodling 🏖️

NOTE: A paid home or school subscription is required to register in the Challenge and receive a pin badge and certificate free of charge.

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