We've launched fantastic new features across our Doodle programmes, designed to enhance your child's learning and bring it to life like never before!

Learning Zone

When a child first logs in to Doodle, they'll now be greeted by the Learning Zone, a stylish new hub which puts them in control of their learning.

From here, children can view the work they've completed over the last 30 days and choose what type of exercise they'd like to complete next. Learners over the age of twelve can also set extra work in topics they'd like to practise.

When a child completes an exercise, they’ll move along a line representing their learning journey. This enables them to see the progress they’re making, helping to boost their confidence a little every day.

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Interactive concept explanations

Before each New this Week, Added Extra and Power Up, Doodle will explain new topics through short explanations containing interactive elements. Each of these has been designed to build understanding and make learning even more engaging.

Learners can earn up to three stars for completing a lesson’s interactive elements, rewarding them for their hard work and helping to keep them motivated.

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Power Ups

Children can level-up their learning with Power Ups, a brand new type of exercise which transforms your child’s weakest concept into their most powerful!

Doodle will automatically challenge your child to answer 15 questions in a topic they don’t feel very confident once every 20 days.

By using repetition and positive reinforcement, they'll build a solid foundation of understanding which will help them master even the trickiest of topics.

Adding Extras

Children over the age of twelve can set extra work in any topic they'd like to practise (known as an Extra).

To do this, visit the Learning Zone and press the red Add an Extra button. Please note: this option won't be available if an Extra has already been set for them by yourself or a teacher.

To add an Extra for a child who is younger than twelve, simply follow the steps above and enter your password when prompted.


Children can now view their siblings' or classmates’ progress in Doodle, including when they earn wow-worthy streaks, achieve a new high-score in a game or master a multiplication in DoodleTables.

To view this, press on the arrow icon in the top left-hand corner of the Learning Zone and select Friends.

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Improve my score

Whenever your child completes an exercise, they'll have the option to improve their score in questions they found challenging. If they choose this option, they'll now only be asked to repeat the questions they answered incorrectly.

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