Here at Doodle, we're known as leaders in tackling learning loss. So in current times, when education has been disrupted due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was natural for us to decide to create a programme which would help students to catch up in their learning and which could be used with intervention groups.

Lift-Off is designed to empower each child to raise their attainment in maths and to encourage them to develop a growth mindset. By taking part in Lift-Off, students learn to develop resilience in learning, boosting their confidence in maths and in school in general. This enables children to work independently and to overcome the fear of failure which has been recently documented in children impacted by school closures.

Lift-Off is based around weekly 30-minute small group sessions delivered in school or online. Sessions include one-to-one learning using DoodleMaths, completing activities designed to build confidence and resilience, and giving out rewards and setting goals for the coming week.

Each session is led by a designated Lift-Off Leader, who can be a member of existing staff, a TA or parents/volunteers who are trained by our Doodle experts.

The progress made by children is measured by combining goal setting with accurate baseline assessment data, which can be viewed at any time in the Lift-Off area in the Teacher Dashboard.

Lift-Off is priced on a sliding scale to allow schools to offer the programme as an intervention tool or an inexpensive whole-school catch up solution.

The Lift-Off Leader training and setup charge is £395. This includes CPD-accredited training, handbooks for each Lift-Off Leader and full support from your dedicated Account Manager in setting up your groups and sessions. Lift-Off is charged per group of five students and decreases the more groups a school runs.

For more information, please contact your School Success Advisor or contact us by clicking on the green chat button below.

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