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Coaching for Schools - Creating a Group
Coaching for Schools - Creating a Group
How do I create a new Coaching group or edit an existing group?
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To get started with Coaching, you’ll need to create some groups for your students.

This can be done by going to the Coaching tab on the Teacher Dashboard.

To create Coaching groups

  1. Click on Add coaching group

  2. Enter the Group name and input the names of the students you'd like to add to that group

  3. Be sure to click Save

  4. Be sure to contact your School Success Advisor to activate your new groups.

To edit an existing group

  1. On Coaching > Manage Groups, click on the name of the group you wish to edit

  2. An Edit coaching group box will then appear

    3. You can then edit the name of the group and remove or add new students to the group (you can have a maximum of 5 students in each group)

    4. Be sure to press Save when you have made your edits

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