When you run your weekly session, for the Coaching programme, you will need to activate the Session through the Teacher Dashboard.

To do this, open the Teacher Dashboard and select the Coaching tab.

Then select Manage Sessions.

Choose the correct group from the drop down menu.

This will give you a snapshot of the group's current data at the start of this session.

  • How many Doodle Stars has each pupil earned in the last 7 days

  • Whether the pupil is on target to reach their weekly star target

  • How many tricky questions the pupil has saved to go over with an adult

It is important to start each Session on the Dashboard before your children begin their Doodling, as the data capture happens as soon as you click the Start Session button. If you click the Start Session button at the end of the Session, the data capture will include all of their work from within the Session as well.

During the session, you will record the confidence and resilience shown by each child and also add any notes or comments by clicking on the pencil icon in the Notes column.

Once the session has ended, you must click on Exit session and save so that that session's data records and the snapshot is saved for comparison when required.

To view data for previous sessions, simply click on the arrow to the right hand side of the listed sessions and their dates.

You are also able to export the data by clicking on Export at the bottom of the page.

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