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Coaching for Schools - Question of the Week
Coaching for Schools - Question of the Week
Where do I find the Question of the Week?
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During each Coaching session, the children will engage in discussing the 'Question of the Week'. This has been designed to encourage children to think philosophically and engage in discussions around ways of thinking by looking at the 'bigger picture'. All questions are open-ended. There is no right or wrong answer. The questions are designed to help pupils build their confidence when contributing

to group discussions.

The Question of the Week can be found in the Coaching > View sessions section of the Teacher Dashboard.

You will first need to start the session (you can read how to do this here ), then simply click on Question of the Week.

If you keep clicking the button, different questions will appear with prompts to support children with their ideas.

Some questions might be perfect for your students, but you might like to pick and choose which ones work well for your particular group or setting.

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