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Coaching for Schools - Monitoring Progress
Coaching for Schools - Monitoring Progress
How do I monitor the progress of pupils in the Coaching for Schools programme?
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When we are monitoring the impact of the Coaching for Schools programme, we will be analysing two areas of the children's account data

1) Their progress within the Maths programme

2) Their confidence and resilience rating



To monitor their progress within the Maths programme, you will need to compare assessment data from the start of the Coaching programme to their current understanding.

(NB, it is important for each pupil in the Coaching programme to have completed a Baseline Assessment at the start of the programme, in order to have a snapshot of the child's current understanding. For steps on how to set a new Baseline Assessment, see here)

  1. Open the Teacher Dashboard hover over the Coaching tab and click on View Assessments.

  2. Select the Coaching group required and choose the pupil's name from the drop-down menu.

  3. This will display the current understanding ratings compared with the child's assessment on the date shown. You can also choose to compare the current understanding with any other assessments using the date menu.

  4. To get ratings for specific concepts within each academic year's curriculum, click on the arrow next to the academic year.

Percentage of end of year objectives covered

You are also able to monitor each child's progress in completing the End of Year Objectives.

  1. On the Teacher Dashboard hover over Coaching and select Set Goals

  2. Select the Coaching group and then the pupil's name

The period of time for the data can be altered in the time drop down menu.


The App will apply an automatic goal for the pupil based on their individual ability but if you wish to set a custom goal, please click on set a new goal.

You are then able to select a time frame and the app will suggest realistic and achievable goal for that pupil based on what it has learnt of the pupil's current understanding. This may adjust the number of stars that the pupil needs to earn in order to reach the green zone and be able to access the Games and Friends areas.

This goal will then be visible in the child's data graphs

Confidence and Resilience

Each pupil's confidence and resilience is rated from 1-5 and recorded for each session throughout the Coaching programme. You can compare how these ratings have changed by opening the details of the most recent session with any previous session in the Teacher Dashboard

  1. On the Teacher Dashboard, hover over Coaching and then click on View Sessions.

  2. Select the session data that you wish to view at the bottom of the page

  3. This data can also be exported to another format by clicking on Export.

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