DoodleCoaching is a new programme available for children aged 7-13 years. It combines the maths tuition provided by DoodleMaths with the support and encouragement of a real-life coach.

While DoodleMaths acts as a tutor, helping every child to fill gaps in their knowledge, DoodleCoaching gives them the skills they need to become a confident, independent learner — both in school and beyond!

Children who join DoodleCoaching attend virtual coaching sessions on a weekly basis using our custom-built video technology. This allows them to work with an inspirational coach who'll assist, support and motivate them in a small group of up to five children.

Each session is designed to boost every child's confidence and resilience, and nurture a growth mindset philosophy. DoodleCoaching helps learners to develop new skills and positive learning behaviours, benefiting them in all areas of life.

Through the consistent use of DoodleMaths in between Coaching sessions, each child will build their maths knowledge and fill in any gaps they may have in their learning. Daily use of DoodleMaths also secures their understanding of what they already know and helps to reduce any maths anxiety they may be feeling.

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