DoodleCoaching combines the targeted Maths tuition provided by the DoodleMaths App with the supportive environment of a video coaching session, led by a motivating and inspirational coach.

The coaches will offer support, provide help for tricky questions and assist children to build positive learning behaviours - their enthusiasm will show learners how great maths can be!

Children are grouped with similar learners in small virtual sessions. This creates a safe and engaging environment where they can work together and, most importantly, have fun!

With the support of their group, they’ll be encouraged to share their ideas and speak publicly, a key skill which will help them in school and beyond.

The children will use DoodleMaths to target their learning gaps, which is built in to the video call screen.

During their independent learning, every child receives 1-to-1 time with their Coach, where they’ll reflect on their progress and help them with any questions they’ve found tricky.

They’ll work through their own Coaching journal, designed to encourage positive self-reflection, helping them to develop the mindset needed to take on any challenge.

They also set a learning goal for the week ahead.

DoodleCoaching is designed to give your child the skills they need to become a confident, independent learner, ready to take on new challenges and unlock their potential.

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