Congratulations on enrolling your child to our DoodleCoaching programme!

There are a few things that you can do before your child attends their first DoodleCoaching session

Baseline Assessment

Your child's Maths account will be placed into Baseline Assessment mode.

This will assess your child's current Maths knowledge and will provide a point of comparison as the child progresses through our DoodleCoaching programme.

Ideally, your child would complete this assessment before their first DoodleCoaching session, however this is not essential.

Encourage your child to work independently during the baseline assessment, even if they find things a little challenging — this is simply Doodle’s way of working out their strengths and weaknesses. Receiving help at this stage may cause their work to be incorrectly assessed, leading to the programme becoming too challenging.

If they are unable to answer any of the questions, please ask them to use the 'Skip Question' option.

Parent Engagement Pack and Child's Learning Journal

You will receive DoodleCoaching resources through the post after your child has been enrolled in the programme.

The child's Learning Journal accompanies and complements the DoodleCoaching sessions. It will be used and referred to by the coaches in the sessions. However, there are also extra activities and information included in the journal for the child to enjoy in their own time.

We would recommend that the child familiarises themselves with this journal before the first session.

The day of the DoodleCoaching session

On the day of the scheduled DoodleCoaching session, you will be able to join the session by clicking on the 'Join Session' button in the Coaching section of the Parent Dashboard. This will only be activated at the time of the session and you will be notified that the session is live by the 'Join Session' button changing colour.

To participate in the DoodleCoaching session, the child will need to use a laptop or PC and you should ideally access the Parent Dashboard using Google Chrome as a browser.

Please ensure that your child is in a quiet area which is not a bedroom, where you can supervise them throughout the session.

The child should use headphones when participating in the session.

Your child should also have their learning journal and a pen or pencil handy.

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