Disability, Special Education and Additional Needs Policy

How we aim to ensure that all children are able to benefit from our DoodleCoaching programme

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DoodleLearning was founded to provide educational opportunities and benefits to as many children as possible, including disabled children and children with special additional and special educational needs.

DoodleLearning aims to treat all children equally and as individuals with diverse needs, interests, likes and dislikes.

We know that our products have much to offer all children, irrespective of ability.

To ensure that children with additional needs are able to benefit from our DoodleCoaching service:

  • We take time to discuss a child’s needs with the parent/guardian at the time of registration.

  • We regularly review each child’s progress and adapt their work programme as necessary.

  • DoodleMaths is designed to adapt to the child's activity, level and progress, ensuring that they're always working at an appropriate level for their knowledge and confidence.

  • Each child’s progress records are visible to parents/guardians at any time through the Parent Dashboard.

  • Feedback from Coaching sessions are sent to the parent/guardian via email.

  • Review meetings with the parents/guardians will be available throughout the academic year.

  • Parents/guardians are able to book a call with our Coaching team to discuss their child's specific needs.

  • Our staff are encouraged to be aware of disability issues, special educational and additional needs, and complete SEND training on developing inclusive practice.

  • All information provided by a parent/guardian will remain confidential, and only shared with the minimum necessary members of staff.

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