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Safeguarding Policy and Procedures
Safeguarding Policy and Procedures
Our commitments to ensure that all children, families and staff are protected from any form of abuse and can engage in our programmes safely
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DoodleLearning is committed to protecting all adults and children from any form of abuse and expects anyone who works within the organisation to share this commitment.

For a copy of our full Safeguarding Policy, please contact our Coaching team at

The following precautions will be in place to specifically protect all children and their families registered in the DoodleCoaching programme:

  • All sessions will be recorded for safeguarding and quality monitoring purposes. These can only be accessed by specific members of the Coaching management team on a work device. These sessions will be deleted after eight weeks.

  • We'll create and maintain an environment where children feel secure, encouraged to share their ideas, and have their thoughts listened to

  • We'll promote a positive and supportive environment where the children are instilled with a sense of self-worth and value

  • All children will adhere to a behaviour policy that is aimed at supporting all members attending sessions. Where necessary, the coach will ensure that all members know that some behaviour is unacceptable but that they're still valued.

  • Our staff will uphold the assertion that all children, whatever their age, culture, socio-economic background, ability, language, religious beliefs, racial origins, disability, gender and/or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse

  • The welfare of every child is paramount and, as such, our staff will ensure that all suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and are responded to swiftly and appropriately

  • All staff have a responsibility to report concerns to the appropriate Safeguarding Officer as soon as possible

  • All staff working directly with children, and their suitability for working with children, will have been verified during our recruitment procedure and subsequent, ongoing training and performance review. All our staff have full, updated Enhanced DBS certificates and Safeguarding training through the NSPCC.

  • A written report of any incident that occurs within a coaching session will be submitted by the coach and reviewed by a supervisor, or the Designated Safeguarding Officer, if appropriate

  • All children should be treated equally, and with respect and dignity. DoodleLearning will take positive action to eliminate discrimination against any person or group of people. Staff should ensure that children are protected from discrimination on any grounds, including ability and challenge discriminating comments and behaviour. Staff should promote positive attitudes towards differences.

  • Coaches should be an excellent role model for the children in their sessions and should conduct themselves in a manner that provides a good example for the participants

  • Coaches should give enthusiastic and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism

  • Coaches will not share personal contact details including: contact numbers, address or social media links

  • Coaches will not arrange to contact or meet a child or family outside of an authorised session in person or online whether professionally or personally

  • Coaches will not take a personal phone call, or use their personal phone when working with a child or running a session

  • Coaches will not take or share a photo or screenshot of children/their families

  • Coaches will not take a voice or video recording for any purpose without written permission from parent/guardian before recording commences

  • Coaches will not store photos, videos or recordings from Coaching sessions on a personal device

  • If DoodleLearning wishes to use an image of a member, written consent will be obtained in advance from parents/guardians via an online permission form. Parents/guardians will be made aware of when, where and how the images may be used in order to give their informed consent. This includes information regarding use of images e.g. in print, multimedia, broadcast; for what purpose e.g. promotion, publicity, evaluation, audit, review; and where possible an indication of who the audience will be e.g. the general public, the participating children and their families, other organisations and institutions. DoodleLearning will never disclose the full name or other personal details of the child without the parent/guardian’s separate written consent.

  • Parents/guardians are not permitted to take photographs or videos during the Coaching session unless it is of their own child, and no other children feature in the background

  • If a member of staff leaves the organisation, all access to the Coaching platform will be rescinded.

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