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Online Safety and Behaviour Policy
Online Safety and Behaviour Policy
Our commitments to ensure that all children, families and coaches can engage in our Coaching programme safely and without disruption
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This policy has been created in order to protect the children engaging in online DoodleLearning Coaching sessions.

It applies to all staff, children and their families, and anyone involved in DoodleCoaching.

We have a duty to ensure that all children, their families and anyone involved in our organisation are protected from potential harm or abuse online.

The coaches will:

  • Ensure they are punctual and ready to begin sessions on time so that children are not at risk of being unsupervised online. Repeated lateness will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action or dismissal.

  • Have a neutral background, or use a company banner to ensure that their environment does not display any personal or inappropriate information or imagery that could be viewed by the member and supervising adult.

  • Ensure that only enrolled members with pre-booked sessions participate in online Coaching sessions. Attempted unauthorised access will be reported as an incident and appropriate action will be taken.

  • Remain vigilant and ensure no one else is present/visible in their own or the child’s environment who shouldn’t be

  • Never discuss personal matters or share personal details, including contact information, with children or their families

  • Never arrange to meet up with members or their families and ensure that contact is appropriate to their role as a coach

  • Have the right to remove a child from the session if they say or do something inappropriate

  • Alert a Manager immediately during a session of any unusual activity or concerns about a child or another member of staff in accordance with company Safeguarding Procedures

  • Remain vigilant at all times and communicate any concerns regarding child supervision immediately to the Manager in charge of coordinating sessions who will take the appropriate action

Managers/Super Coaches will:

  • Complete Safeguarding and Online Safety training

  • Ensure coaching staff are trained appropriately in Online Safeguarding so they are confident in their role and keeping children safe during their sessions

  • Ensure the suitability of any tutoring staff before allowing them to work with members and their families

  • Respond to any concerns of safeguarding, behaviour and well-being reported from all participants urgently and following the appropriate company procedure

  • Moderate online sessions by having the ability to observe sessions at any time to ensure that tutoring is in line with expectations

  • Ensure that all parties participating in online sessions are treated with equal respect and dignity

Parents/Guardians will:

  • Consent to their child’s participation in online group sessions through enrolment to DoodleCoaching

  • Consent to the session being recorded for safeguarding and monitoring purposes

  • Support their children to participate appropriately and safely during each session to mitigate the risks associated with online learning.

  • Be present in the room to ensure their child is supervised, but allow their child to participate independently, during each session

  • Always be responsible for the welfare of their child whilst undertaking online sessions, monitoring their use of other sites and platforms alongside their learning with DoodleLearning

  • Ensure their child is undertaking sessions in a safe and suitable environment, and is dressed appropriately and ready to learn

  • Never share links/invitations to DoodleLearning online sessions with anyone else

  • Report any concerns they have regarding their child's participation in online sessions with DoodleLearning staff

  • Treat DoodleLearning staff with fairness and respect at all times and ensure that children also adhere to this

  • Report any inappropriate or illegal behaviour by other members in group sessions or staff to the Coaching management team or centrally to DoodleLearning immediately, in accordance with this policy

  • Only respond to communications via official DoodleLearning channels using their own email accounts (not child’s) and report any concerns of unauthorised contact from coaching staff to the Coaching management team urgently

  • Understand that any child/family member behaving disruptively during an online session, including making inappropriate comments or gestures, will be removed from the call immediately and appropriate action will be taken in line with our Safeguarding and Guidelines for Managing Children Policies. Behaviour such as threats or harassment of others, hate speech, threats of violence and posting personal information will not be tolerated.

  • Support their child in understanding their responsibilities during online sessions as outlined below

The child/student will:

  • Always behave appropriately during sessions and understand what behaviours constitute as inappropriate and disruptive

  • Treat their coach and other session participants with respect at all times

  • Never attempt to make contact with or befriend their coach on social media or seek out their personal contact information

  • Understand the risks associated with sharing personal information on websites and platforms

  • Report any concerns regarding safety, behaviour and well-being to an appropriate adult immediately

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