DoodleLearning has launched new in-app Back-to-School badges.

All premium subscribers have the opportunity of earning an exclusive virtual back-to-school in-app badge. This brand-new reward is designed to promote healthy learning habits and celebrate children's hard work.

Between the 20th of January to 2nd of February, children will need to be working in their green zone (by achieving their target number of stars).

By taking part in this in-app competition, children will be incentivised to complete their 10 minutes of daily Doodling, helping to fill gaps in their knowledge and prevent learning loss.

Badges are available to earn in DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell and can be located within the Quests section of Badges.

Children can reach the green zone by earning the target number of stars set for them by Doodle.

‘Little and often’ works best: we recommend using our apps for a few minutes a day so that your child or pupils can earn their target number of stars and stay in the green zone.

*Please note: a paid Doodle subscription is needed to unlock the badge (along with Doodle’s other virtual badges). If you don’t have one, don’t worry: you can enjoy a free 7-day trial of any of our apps!

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