Subject access requests and data subject complaints

We collect minimum data from schools to allow teachers and students to access the DoodleLearning platform and use the content.

Any teacher email or contact details in our CRM will be deleted within 72 hours of a request from the data subject to do so. All outgoing emails have an unsubscribe link. If we receive a subject access request we will retrieve the relevant data held in our platform and CRM systems and provide them to the data subject within 48 hours of their request.

Procedures for recording breaches and incidents linked to any personal data

If we become aware of any personal data breach affecting the personal data of any subscribers, we will notify the affected subscriber without undue delay. As a processor rather than the controller of such data, we would not be authorised to notify the ICO or other authority, but to the extent permitted under applicable laws, we would liaise and coordinate with the relevant subscriber.

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