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Information Security

The tool, policies and processes we have in place to secure your data.

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Where we store your personal data
For customers outside of the US, all customer data related to the DoodleLearning platform is stored in AWS located in the London Area including our backup servers.

All US customer data related to the DoodleLearning platform is stored in AWS located in the Ohio, US area including our backup servers.

We follow strict rules in accordance with CCPA and use technology which is designed to protect personal data from being accidentally lost or used without permission.

Vulnerability scanning and network penetration testing
Internal vulnerability scanning occurs once every month, external vulnerability scanning once every 3 months, and penetration testing once per annum.

Our Anti-Virus/ malware protection products

Discovery Education uses a mixture of proprietary and open source security software, which includes various Microsoft security tools. Our threat intelligence feeds are updated regularly and we have anti-virus/malware protection in place across all product infrastructure and employee devices.

Data backup policy and Disaster recovery plans

Discovery Education has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that involves a daily backup, copy and restoration of data at a disaster recovery facility on a daily basis.

Our Device and network password policy

Device and server passwords are kept in password vaults restricted by Single Sign-On access.

How we secure our network and devices
Discovery Education takes a role-based access approach to security and has appropriate measures in place so that only limited engineering and IT staff can reach restricted parts of its internal networks.

Software and Operating System Patching
User operating system patching occurs once a month, or when critical vulnerabilities have been announced; software patching is carried out with similar frequency.

Does your organisation hold Cyber Essentials certification?
No, our organisation does not hold Cyber Essentials certification.

Is your Organisation ISO270001 Certified?
No, we are not ISO270001 Certified.

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