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Doodle for Parents
Doodle for Parents

For parents with a home or school subscription

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Refer a FriendDoodle's referral scheme for parents
Getting started if you're new to DoodleLearningHow to get started for the first time.
The benefits of a home subscription on top of a school subscriptionFind out more about all the amazing features you can access when adding a home subscription onto your child's school account!
My payment failed, what can I do?What to do if your subscription payment was unsuccessful
Cancelling subscription through a third party app providerHow to cancel a subscription if it is taken out through a third party app provider
How do I cancel my subscription taken out with Apple, Google or Amazon?Cancelling a subscription through external app providers
How do I Switch from a Monthly to an Annual SubscriptionI would like to change subscriptions from a monthly to an annual, or annual to a monthly.
How do I Cancel my Subscription?I wish to cancel my Doodle subscription
Updating Card DetailsI need to update my existing card details, or add/remove a card
What does full and limited access mean?The difference between a free account and an account with a subscription
Adding a New Child and New Subscription via the Parent DashboardWhat to do if you want to add a new child and/or subscription to an existing parent account.
How to add a home subscription onto a school accountCan my child continue to use their Doodle account after they've left their school?
What is the Cost of a Subscription?Details of the price of our subscriptions
How do I cancel my subscription with AppleCancel your subscription directly from your Apple device (iPad/iPhone)
How do I cancel my subscription on an Android phone/tablet?Cancel your subscription directly from your Google Play Store
How do I cancel my subscription on an Amazon device?Cancel your subscription directly in Amazon
I've upgraded to full access through the website, so why is the app still showing restricted access?
Adding a Subscription via the Parent Dashboard to an existing child's accountI already have a Doodle account, but I'd like to add a subscription

PercentilesFind out more about the Analyse > Progress page of the Parent Dashboard
How to download your child's Doodle progress reportHow to print a child's progress report on the Parent Dashboard
How can I view my child's progress?An explanation of the Analyse > Progress page on the Parent Dashboard
Monitoring my child's understandingHow to use Analyse > Understanding to monitor my child's understanding of the content they've coverd.
Achievements & Notifications
Adding an Additional Child to Parent AccountWhat to do if you want to add another child to an existing Parent Account
How do I delete Assignments?Removing Assignments from a child's account via the Parent Dashboard
How to view stars for a custom time periodIt's easy to look back and view the number of stars earned over a particular time period.
Updating a Child's DetailsIf you have forgotten your child's login details, or can't login, you can easily update or view them via the Parent Dashboard
Set up gauge on the Parent Dashboard
Deleting an AccountHow to delete an account as your child no longer uses it or if you created it by mistake
Assignments: setting, analysing and creating customHow to add Assignments to your child's work programme, monitor their progress and create your very own assignments!
How do I Monitor my Child?
Forgotten child/parent passwordWhat to do if you or your child has forgotten their Doodle password.
DoodleConnectDownload the parent app to keep an eye on your child's progress
How do I access the Parent Dashboard for DoodleEnglish?
How to add spelling List in DoodleSpellYou can add your child's weekly spelling list as a Custom Assignment in DoodleSpell
Reinstating a child's streak on the Parent DashboardHas your child accidentally broken their streak? Not to worry- reinstating a streak is super simple to action from the Parent Dashboard.
Switching Between Subjects on the Parent DashboardHow to toggle between the different programmes on the Parent Dashboard.

How do I make the web versions of Doodle full screen?How do I make the web versions of Doodle full screen?
Downloading curriculum contentWhy is the app asking me to download curriculum content?
How do I download the Doodle Learning apps to a Kindle Fire tablet?Download DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish, DoodleSpell and DoodleTables without changing to an adult profile
How to set automatic app updates on your deviceHow to set automatic app updates on your device
How to clear cookies and cacheIf you're having any problems with the browser versions of our programmes, please try the following troubleshooting tips!
Changing the Language in the AppWhat to do if the language is incorrectly set or changed on your child's account
There is no sound on DoodleWhat to do if you can't hear the question being read or sounds effects in the app
Can I use multiple devices?
Do I need a WiFi connection?
The currency/language on the app is wrongHow to select the correct country.
How often are the Doodle apps and dashboards updated?
I'm not sure the app is synchronising between devices or the server.How to check the app is saving to our server.
Runtime ErrorWhat to do if you see a runtime error when using the app
Clearing Cache DataWhat to do if uninstalling and reinstalling the app hasn't worked.
How to find the operating system on my deviceWe recommend that you keep your device's operating system up to date to ensure optimum running of the Doodle apps.
What are the latest app versions?
What devices can I use Doodle on?A list of compatible devices