We have three different subscription options to suit your school's needs: DoodleAssign, DoodleAdapt and DoodleCoaching.

DoodleAssign - Enhance your teaching with the thousands of interactive curriculum aligned exercises.

DoodleMaths, includes DoodleTables, = £3/pupil/year

(+£1 per pupil per year for DoodleEnglish, +£1 per pupil per year for DoodleSpell)

DoodleAdapt - Unlock the power of Proxima, the award winning technology that creates every child a personalised learning experiencing tailored to their needs. Our adaptive algorithm identifies each child's strengths and weaknesses to create them a unique work programme, meaning that Proxima does the hard work for you!

DoodleMaths, includes DoodleTables = £6/pupil/year

DoodleEnglish, includes DoodleSpell = £6/pupil/year

We offer a discount on the DoodleBundle which gives you access to all 4 of our apps - DoodleMaths, DoodleTables, DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell for £9/pupil/year. Please get in touch for more information.

DoodleCoaching - Transform intervention with DoodleCoaching, the innovative programme that combines DoodleMaths with the support of a real life coach.

£10 per pupil per team - we train you staff and provide al of the resources you need to deliver coaching sessions.

£120 per pupil per term - our coaches will run sessions for you online

(DoodleCoaching is currently only available for DoodleMaths)

We have a minimum subscription for all subscription plans. For more information about trialling Doodle in your school, please get in touch, and one of our Education Consultants will be happy to help. For a more detailed breakdown of what the different subscription plans include, please see here.

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