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How does Doodle support pre-teaching and scaffolding?

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How can Doodle help with pre-teaching and scaffolding?

The Assignments feature is perfect as a pre-teaching aid or to help you scaffold learning for students who are struggling with specific concepts. You can set pre-prepared activities focused on a specific topic to boost students’ confidence before or alongside their classwork.

Where can I see students’ gaps?

The Work programmes > View understanding page will show you students’ baseline assessment results as well as the topics they have covered in their work programme, and show you a rating for each area - red for Developing, amber for Moderate and green for Strong. You can either look at an overview of their understanding on the students page, or select the age related expectations (ARE) view.

You can then address any areas needing development with a targeted Assignment. These are carefully planned mini-lessons on a topic, including a concept explanation and a set of 15 questions so students can practise their new learning. These activities won’t change the students’ adaptive work programme, so are ideal for them to complete with adult or peer support to boost their confidence.

Visit the Assignments > Set page to browse available Assignments for each subject and set them for your students.

⭐️ Top tip: You can also set Assignments directly from the Work programmes > View understanding page by selecting the topic, then clicking the blue plus icons. ⭐️

How can I view work students have completed on Assignments?

On the Assignments > Analyse page, you can see the Assignments you’ve set and how the students have done. Hover over the icons to view the students’ scores. You can view the analysis for 4 weeks after the Assignment is completed.

⭐️ Top tip: Click the title of an Assignment to view a detailed breakdown of the questions students have completed. ⭐️

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