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Doodle is for...
Doodle is for... the Year 4 multiplication test
Doodle is for... the Year 4 multiplication test
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All children in year 4 must complete an online multiplication check to determine that they can fluently recall their times tables up to 12. This will help ensure future success in maths and identify if your child needs any additional support.

The times table check is an on-screen check consisting of 25 times table questions. Children will have 6 seconds to answer each question.

DoodleTables will help your child to learn and practice their times tables, so that they are ready for the multiplication check. DoodleTables is included in your subscription to DoodleMaths.

These are the two ways that children can commit their times tables from their working memory to their long term memory:

  1. Some children can memorise their tables just by repeating them

  2. Other children who find maths challenging need more opportunities to make links and see relationships in order for times tables to become instantly recallable. In order to appear to all learners,

DoodleTables covers both methods of learning. Within DoodleTables each times table is broken down through the ‘Learn’ exercises to help children understand the relationships between numbers, building their knowledge of what the times tables are. Children can work through the ‘Learn’ section at their own pace to ensure they are developing their knowledge and understanding. As children progress, DoodleTables develops to further encourage instant recall through the ‘60-Second Challenge’ feature.

The 60 Seconds Challenge section of DoodleTables provides the perfect opportunity for children to assess for themselves how many facts they can recall in 60 seconds (multiplication or division) - perfect preparation for the multiplication tables check (MTC).

Children can 'master' a times table, by completing all of the Learn and 60 seconds Challenge questions. Once a times table has been mastered it will lock, encouraging the child to work on other times tables - directing their learning. For more information on mastering DoodleTables please see this article. Parents and teachers can unlock times tables by following these steps.

A child will earn a star for each correct answer, children can use the stars earned in DoodleTables to accessorise their Panda - keeping them coming back each day for more!

⭐️ Top tips for preparing for the Year 4 times tables check ⭐️

  • Try not to learn times tables only by reciting them in order, as this can make them harder to recall when they are presented in a random order. Instead, once your child feels comfortable with a table, ask them questions and gradually add in other tables as they become more confident.

  • Why not try some creative methods to help liven-up learning the different times tables - make it fun and inventive for you all!

  • Practise with DoodleTables! DoodleTables can be very helpful - Learn exercises help your child to understand the method behind each table, while the fun 60 Second Challenge tests their instant recall!

Check out our video below, which goes through DoodleTables in more detail!

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