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What is DoodleTables?

An overview of DoodleTables and how it works

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DoodleTables boosts the times tables confidence and ability of your 4-14 year old with a personalised work programme tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. A subscription to DoodleMaths (whether that is through a home user subscription or a school subscription) comes with a subscription to DoodleTables - it is part of your package and therefore something to really utilise.

Within DoodleTables each times table is broken down through the Learn exercises to help children understand the relationships between numbers, building their knowledge of what the times tables are and developing their instant recall. As children progress, DoodleTables develops to further encourage instant recall through the 60-Second Challenge feature.

These are the two ways that children can commit their times tables from their working memory to their long term memory.

Whilst some children can memorise their tables just by repeating them, children who find maths challenging need more opportunities to make links and see relationships in order for times tables to become instantly recallable. In order to appear to all learners, DoodleTables takes advantage of both methods of learning.

Our questions are carefully graded to ensure a child’s learning journey becomes ever so slightly more difficult as they progress.

Our Learn questions purposely encourage children to make links and see relationships between the numbers to help them form a deep understanding of what the times tables are in order to help them retain facts and, most importantly, build their confidence.

Our Challenge section of DoodleTables provides the perfect opportunity for children to assess for themselves how many facts they can recall in 60 seconds (multiplication or division), this becomes especially useful if they are preparing for the year 4 multiplication tables check (MTC).

For more information on DoodleTables, please see here!

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