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Year 6…

Is your child preparing for their end of Year 6 SATs? DoodleMaths is the perfect accompaniment to their preparations!

SATs are a reflection of the teaching children have had throughout the whole of their education so far. One of the things children struggle with the most is remembering learning from previous year groups and even learning from earlier in the year. Research of past SATs papers has uncovered that a lot of SATs questions are not actually asking about specific year 6 content - therefore it’s really important to not simply revise year 6 content. This is where Doodle really helps. Our clever algorithm Proxima, identifies each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses and creates a work programme that is just right for the child, targeting any areas that particular child needs to revise and revisit even if that is work from a different year group. This constant revision and reinforcement of learning that Doodle offers is incredibly important as children prepare for their SATs.

As many of us here at DoodleLearning are parents ourselves, we know how busy you are! The great thing about DoodleMaths is that you don’t have to set any work and can feel confident that Doodle is doing its job in creating a work programme that is just right for your child and focussing on the areas they need to revise. Additionally, learners will occasionally be challenged to answer 15 questions in a topic they don’t feel very confident about. These areas will be identified by Proxima™, Doodle’s clever adaptive algorithm. Proxima will automatically set your child a Power Up around once every 20 days. If you do want to support your child further, you may wish to set Assignments focussing on key content you know they are finding tricky.

Doodle is designed to be used 'little and often' - 10 minutes per day - making it easy to fit into your busy routine. Children can Doodle on the go, meaning they can always find time for that little bit of extra maths revision. This little and often approach is the best way to use Doodle to help raise your child’s confidence and attainment in maths. We all want our children to go into their year 6 SATs feeling confident. Doodle will help build this confidence in maths, celebrating their effort and ensuring that they are supported in the areas they find tricky.

Doodle works as a brilliant revision tool for children - the fun and engaging question styles, the adaptive technology and the motivational features, help children learn without them feeling like they are being tested- this in turn helps to ease the pressure and anxiety often associated with pre SATs revision.

…And beyond

Has your child recently finished primary school? That is not the end of their Doodle journey! DoodleMaths is fully aligned to the KS3 curriculum with over 2,900 questions specifically focussed on KS3 content!

Continuing with their DoodleMaths journey after year 6 will help ensure that children embark upon their maths in secondary school with confidence.

Doodle will help close any learning gaps by revising and revisiting any areas they are finding more tricky. This will help support any of their new KS3 maths learning.

Change is scary for us all, and we all seek the comfort of familiarity. When transitioning to a new school, it can be really helpful to keep some routines the same for continuity - if they’ve always used DoodleMaths when they come home from school, why change it now? If they’re feeling anxious, Doodle can help to build their confidence by celebrating their effort.

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