Analysing Assignments
Once you’ve set an Assignment you can monitor your class' progress and analyse how they’ve got on.
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For analysis on how your students are getting on with any Assignments you've set, login to the Teacher Dashboard and head to Assignments > Analyse. Here you can view the Assignments you’ve set, see which students have completed it and analyse how they’ve got on.

  • Firstly, select your class from the drop down menu - you can also narrow this down by groups within a class, if you have created any.

  • Each Assignment you've set is listed as a row.

  • You can view when you set the Assignment, the Assignment name, the class average accuracy and then how individual children within the class have got on.

    • A green dot indicates that they have completed the assignment with an accuracy of over 80%

    • An orange dot shows they have attempted and achieved an accuracy of less than 80%

    • A grey dot means it is yet to be completed

    • A dash indicates that this Assignment was not set for them.

  • Hover over the dot to see the date the student completed the Assignment, the number of attempts, their percentage accuracy and the time taken to complete the Assignment.

  • You can Export this data by clicking on the Export button - this is really useful for progress review meetings.

  • As with all pages on the Teacher Dashboard, you can switch between subject icons for the different programmes at the top here.

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