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What is a concept explanation?
What is a concept explanation?

More information about our new style concept explanations!

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What is a concept explanation?

Concepts, sometimes referred to as topics, are made up of two parts: a concept explanation and a set of questions.

A concept explanation introduces a new topic to the learner before then moving them into a set of questions. Concept explanations are completed by the user at the beginning of a New, Power-Up or an Assignment. They can also be revisited from within a question via the in app Help feature to support a child if they're struggling to answer a question. The Concept Explanation can be revisited by clicking on Explanation.

What's new?

Each new concept explanation is now separated into three parts: Connect, Discover and Explore.

These sections introduce ideas in a gradual, logical way, letting students develop a solid foundation of understanding at a pace that’s right for them.

Connect is the first section that children will see. It recaps previous learning through fun, visual tasks, boosting their confidence before they move on.

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Next, Discover teaches learners about the new topic through a series of short steps.

These steps build on each other in a gradual, logical way, helping build students' understanding at a pace that’s right for them.

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Finally, Explore focusses on independence and applying their new learning. It lets students put their learning into practice by having a go at some questions, helping them truly master the concept!

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As well as a lovely visual makeover, we've also introduced 5 new characters to help guide children through each concept, making their learning more relatable. Say hello to Ada, Idris, Jay, Lina and Sam! These new characters each have their own interests, which are woven into explanations where appropriate and users will learn from and through these characters.

The new concept explanations are even more interactive to help ensure that children are fully understanding the new topic they are presented with. Children can now collect a maximum of 8 stars during the concept explanation giving them even more opportunity to add to their star target. They can collect 1 star in Connect, a maximum of 5 stars in Discover and up to of 2 stars in Explore.

If a child gets stuck or would like a little more support, pressing on the red question mark icon will reveal a handy hint.

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In addition, we've added a dictionary for key words. If a student is unsure what key words in a concept explanation mean, they can hover over the word with a yellow dotted line underneath it for a definition.

You'll also notice lots of exciting new interactive tools users can use to complete tasks within concept explanations. These tools include base 10, place value counters, number lines, number tiles, fraction builder and many more! Lots of these tools students will be familiar with from their in class learning.

If a new explanation is available for a topic, a pop-up message will let them know that they’re about to try a brand-new concept explanation. They’ll then be able to have a go at it – and they can even leave their feedback at the end! A selection of these explanations have already arrived in DoodleMaths, and we’ll be introducing many more over the coming months. Be sure to keep an eye out for them!

If you notice any issues with any of our new concept explanations, please let us know by following the steps here.

💡If you need any help or support, please reach out to our customer support team via the green chat bubble and we will be more than happy to help! 💡

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