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Spring, Summer and Winter Challenges! πŸ“†

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The Summer Challenge is a go, go, go! πŸƒ

Starting on the 1st July, your grown ups can sign you up for the DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish Summer Challenge 2024.

Take part and complete the challenge to get one of these cool badges πŸ‘‡ along with a downloadable certificate.

The DoodleMaths badge is a Clown Fish and the DoodleEnglish badge is an Angel Fish, how very Finding Nemo! 🐠

To take part you will need to Doodle 14 times from the 1st July till the 31st August, and earn 750 stars or 600 stars if you are born on or after the 1st September 2016.

Here's Shenuki with a pin badge and certificate from our Spring 2024 Challenge! Well done Shenuki, top Doodling! 🌟

Ask your parents to read this article for more info on how to sign up.

Why not collect them all and put them somewhere special so you can show off all your hard work. 🀩

You can also print off a Summer Challenge Tracker Sheet if you'd like to keep track on paper. They are available for DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish, why not stick them on your fridge, or up in your bedroom!

Good Luck everyone and happy Doodling! 🀞

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