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How to get my child to engage with Doodle
How to get my child to engage with Doodle

Helpful tips on setting a Doodle routine for your child from the very start

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Creating a routine

Creating a routine from the very start with Doodle will ensure your child gets the most from their learning. Our 'little and often' approach of using Doodle for 10-minutes a day is designed to increase a child's confidence with learning as well as boost their academic attainment.

When you are new to Doodle, or returning to Doodle after a break, we recommend that you work with your child to set a Doodling routine. For some families, Doodling fits in alongside breakfast or tea time while for others, Doodling on the way to school works best. Regardless of what you choose, Doodling at the same time every day where possible, helps embed Doodling into a child's routine. By setting this routine early on, you will often find that your child will no longer need to be reminded to Doodle, they will simply pick up their tablet or log into their account from a laptop/PC and complete their daily Doodling.

The great thing about Doodle is that the Doodle programmes are designed to be really accessible and can be used both off/online. Our apps can be downloaded onto Apple, Amazon or Android devices, meaning children can Doodle on the go 🚙 Doodle fits in perfectly with your busy schedule! Doodle is also accessible using a PC/laptop and the browser versions function in exactly the same way as our downloadable app versions, offering the same content and motivational features. You can find more information about what devices your child can use here.

Motivational Features

All four of our Doodle work programmes contain lots of fun and fantastic motivational features designed to encourage 10 minutes of Doodling a day.

Doodle keeps learning fresh and engaging for children 🎉


By Doodling for consecutive days, a child will earn a streak. Earning a streak is a fantastic way for children to see their hard work and determination pay off.


Children earn stars for answering questions correctly or playing Doodle's educational games. In DoodleMaths, they can use these stars to build their very own robot and purchase stylish accessories for it. Meanwhile, in DoodleEnglish, Doodlers can fly around the world and unlock exclusive accessories from their travels, and in DoodleTables, they can purchase coloured belts to customise their panda. Perhaps most excitingly of all, children can purchase potions in DoodleSpell which they can mix together to create a whole host of magical creations.


In addition to spending DoodleStars on their avatars, children can choose to purchase rewards set by either their parent or teacher. Designed to celebrate each child's hard work and determination, rewards will help to inspire them in their learning, encouraging them to use Doodle for a few minutes each day. You can create rewards to celebrate your child’s achievements in Doodle. These can be anything of your choosing, from a trip to the cinema to a walk in the park!


As a core part of our motivational features, there are lots of fun educational games in our apps which are designed to develop a variety of key skills. These are subject specific for both DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish.


Doodle’s badges have bright, colourful designs and are automatically awarded for achieving key goals, such as earning a spectacular streak or a new high score in a game. Along with stars and streaks, badges reward children for their effort and determination. This helps to boost each child’s confidence and ensures that all learners can achieve them, regardless of their ability.

Badges are designed to be earned at regular intervals, encouraging children to use Doodle ‘little and often’ as they work towards achievable goals. Find out more here!


As well as all of the motivational features in our apps, we also run regular challenges to encourage daily Doodling throughout the holidays and prevent learning loss.

Regular Challenges include our egg-xciting Spring Challenge and sizzling Summer Challenge.

Track and celebrate your child's progress

There are two ways to keep track of your child's progress: the Parent Dashboard or DoodleConnect.

Parent Dashboard

The Parent Dashboard is an online hub where families can keep track of their child or children's activities and progress within Doodle. Here you can analyse your child's effort, understanding and progress across all Doodle subjects, set assignments for your child and create personalised rewards to motivate and engage your child in their learning.

We recommend signing into your Parent Dashboard account weekly.


For a quick, daily check to see how your child is getting on with Doodle, we recommend you download the DoodleConnect app, our free parent app. DoodleConnect is an excellent tool to ensure your child is Doodling and making the most out of their learning.

More information on DoodleConnect can be found here.

Parent Resources

Challenge Sheets

To help get your child started or reengage them with their learning, why not print off our 30 Day Challenge sheet and encourage your child to work towards achieving a 30-day streak?


Has your child reached a new Doodle milestone? Why not download a free certificate to celebrate your Doodler's achievements!


Need a Doodle refresher? Be sure to check out our on-demand webinars to better familiarise yourself with our apps and discover how to get the most out of Doodle.

We hope there are some ideas here for you to try to increase your child's engagement with Doodle. Please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team via the green chat bubble if you have any more questions, or would like to let us know how you get on!

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