What are badges?

Doodle’s badges have bright, colourful designs and are automatically awarded for achieving key goals, such as earning a spectacular streak or a new high score in a game.

Along with stars and streaks, badges reward children for their effort and determination. This helps to boost each child’s confidence and ensures that all learners can achieve them, regardless of their ability.

Badges are designed to be earned at regular intervals, encouraging children to use Doodle ‘little and often’ as they work towards achievable goals.

Children will gradually unlock new badges as they progress, giving them fresh goals to work towards. With over 100 badges to collect, there’s always something new for them to discover, helping to keep them motivated and engaged throughout their learning journey.

Learners can view all of the badges they’ve earned and their progress towards new ones at any time, letting them see just how far they’ve come and encouraging them to feel proud of their own achievements.

How to access Badges?

In order to access badges, children will need to download version 7.1.0 or use our web version.

Children can access badges within all 4 programmes by clicking/tapping on the arrow in the top left hand corner of the Learning Zone and then clicking/tapping on Badges.

The Badges page will always be unlocked.

Badges are split into 6 different categories:

  • Stars

  • Your Doodle Journey

  • Accessories

  • Streak

  • Games

  • Learning Zone

Tap/click on any of these 6 headings at the top of the page to view the badges that fall under that particular category.

Badges children are closest to achieving will appear on the badges page first and ones that they aren’t close to achieving appear further down.

Each badge has a requirement in order for it to be achieved. Completed badges will show in full colour:

Children will receive feedback about how close they are to achieving each badge through a progress bar. The progress bar loads for each badge when they switch between the badge categories. The badges that are in progress are in reduced opacity -

Simply click/tap on the badge for more information about that particular badge.

For badges not yet earned, children just needs to tap/click on the badge to see what they need to do to earn that badge.


Every time a child earns a new badge, you will be notified via the Notifications section of your Parent or Teacher Dashboard. Parents will also receive the good news via email.

Secret Files

Children can see what badges their peers/siblings have earned though Secret Files.

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