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How can I begin to monitor and track my child's Doodling?
How can I begin to monitor and track my child's Doodling?

Staying on top of your child's Doodling

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There are two ways to keep track of your child's progress: the Parent Dashboard and/or the DoodleConnect app.

Parent Dashboard

The Parent Dashboard is an online hub where families can keep track of their child or children's activities and progress within Doodle.

You can access your Parent Dashboard account here.

Once signed into your dashboard, you can edit account details (both child and adult), create and manage subscriptions and manage and amend payment/billing details.

On the homepage of the dashboard, you will receive notifications from the Doodle HQ, ensuring you stay up-to-date with exciting Doodle news. You'll also be able to see a live newsfeed celebrating your child's achievements in Doodle.

You can analyse your child's effort, understanding and progress across the Doodle subjects, set assignments for your child and create personalised rewards to motivate and engage your child in their learning.

We recommend checking your Parent Dashboard account weekly.


DoodleConnect is a free downloadable app, available on both Apple or Android device.

DoodleConnect presents a simplified overview of your child's Doodling activities. Here you can view your child's daily Doodling efforts and see whether or not they are working within their target 'green' zone.

DoodleConnect is an excellent tool for a quick daily check, to ensure your child is Doodling and making the most out of their subscription.

More information on DoodleConnect can be found here.

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