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Why should I choose Doodle?

What makes Doodle great?

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For children

Doodle transforms learning into a fun, rewarding activity that kids always look forward to! πŸ˜„

Our 'little and often' approach allows busy families to easily adopt their own Doodling routine and embed learning into each day. πŸ•œ

Offering a range of interactive question styles and games, Doodle ensures that learning is a fresh and exciting experience. Rather than simply answering sets of questions, children can drag, trace, match and plot as they work through Doodle’s interactive exercises. πŸ‘‡

Learners also have access to a variety of tools, such as a multiplication square, audio dictation for every question and an interactive notepad, to further enhance their learning. More information on these tools can be found here. πŸ”Ž

In addition, Doodle contains lots of fun and stimulating motivational features. As well as building avatars in DoodleMaths, children can mix wizard-transforming potions in DoodleSpell and travel the world in DoodleEnglish. More information on these features can be found here. πŸ§™

For parents, home educators and tutors

Doodle offers easy monitoring, tracking and analysis of each child's efforts through the Parent Dashboard and DoodleConnect app. πŸ“ˆ

The Parent Dashboard is an online hub where adults can keep track of a child's activities and progress within Doodle. The Dashboard lets adults analyse a child's effort, understanding and progress across the Doodle apps, set extra work and even create personalised rewards to motivate them! πŸ‘€

DoodleConnect is a free downloadable app, available on Apple and Android devices. It presents a simplified overview of a child's Doodling activities and is an excellent tool for a quick daily check-in, ensuring a child is on track and making the most out of their subscription. πŸ“²

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