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How to buy and mix potions in DoodleSpell
How to buy and mix potions in DoodleSpell

Spells, potions and accessories in DoodleSpell

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Want to understand a little bit more about how the My Wizard section of DoodleSpell works? Read on to find out how to transform Lizzy Wizzy!

Within the emporium children can use their hard earned stars to purchase potions that they can mix together to create new potions, which will then transform their wizard into different characters.

Getting started

To start mixing and making potions, children will first need to earn some stars and purchase the cauldron. All children will start with Lizzy Wizzy.

Transforming your wizard

There are 12 different characters to create πŸ§™πŸ»

Potions will need to be combined in a certain way to create new wizard characters.

All of the potions that can transform the wizard are made up of a combination of a Reactium potion and an Explodium potion, resulting in a Transformium potion πŸ§ͺ

To change the wizard into other characters, try mixing these ingredients together...

Remember, a Reactium + an Explodium = a Transformium πŸͺ„

Once the Transformium potion is created, simply drop it into the cauldron and watch the transformation take place right before your eyes πŸ‘€ One of the 12 different characters will magically appear ✨

Spell Book

Is your child needing a little bit of help? The table below can help get them back on track! We won't share with you the details of what each Transformium becomes as we want your child to experience the excitement of this first-hand.

Reactiums Explodiums Transformiums

Lizards Blood

Ghouls Blood

Gruffalo Blood

Pixie Blood

Dragon Tears

Gnome's Hat

Imp's Eyes

Troll Sweat

Pixie Dust

Centaur's Sweat

Snail Slime

Dragon Scale

Buffalo Burp

Squid Tentacle

Werewolf Skull

Troll Slime

Madagascan Bat Wing

Unicorn Horn

Crushed Beetles

Leprechaun's Beard

Witch's Posion

Fruit Bat Wing

Yeti Tear-drop

Toilet Water

Wizard's Bogey

Unicorn Eyes

Witch's Finger

Octopus Tentacle

Wizard's Magic

Vampire Eyes

Snake Venom

Witches' Elixir

Yeti Fur

Fairy Dust

A Knight's Hair


Buying potions

Each potion has a certain number of uses which can be found by clicking on the potion. Once they have been used up, the potion will be removed from the store and the child will need to buy more.

The first potion for sale each day will be cheaper than the other potions.

Some potions are more likely to appear than others, so a child who has purchased a common potion may be offered that same potion again.

The emporium offers one Reactium or Explodium potion at a time and does not refresh until that potion has been purchased. We recommend if your child already has a copy of the potion on offer, they purchase another copy of it to refresh the potions on offer that day.

Accessorising your wizard

As well as mixing potions together, children can spend their stars on different accessories for their wizard.

Please note, only certain characters are able to hold the broomsticks and staffs.


Which Lizards/Wizards can hold an accessory?

  • Izzy Wizzy, Dragizard, Dragdillion, Trixie Pixie, Sorceron and Owlizard can all hold the Magic staff

  • Cedricar and Olivina can hold the Broom

  • Xaradin can hold the Long staff

  • Wormizard, Izzy Newton and Whisperiamus cannot hold an accessory

My child has transformed their lizard into a worm, can this be reverted?

Historic transformations are not held within our database.

If a child starts on a specific Transformium and tries to use the same transformation potion again, they will not transform and instead see the message "You have already transformed into this wizard".

To transform back to a previous wizard, the child will need to mix together the necessary Reactium and Explodium potions required for that specific wizard.

If a child has turned into a worm or any other non-lizard state and wishes to return to a lizard state, they should buy and mix the Lizard potion (Imp's Eyes and Trolls sweat).

Why are the potions falling to the ground instead of going into the cauldron?

Adding potions to the cauldron can be tricky at times. Be sure to slowly drag and drop the potion directly over the centre of the cauldron. Holding the potion too far above the cauldron or too close the the cauldron's edge may result in it falling onto the ground rather than making its way inside.

Why are some potions not appearing in the emporium?

Potions appear in a random manner. Each day a child will be presented with a different 'potion of the day' to purchase. Subsequent potions will also be randomised.

Some potions are rarer than others, making them more difficult to acquire. Rest assured, with 'little and often' visits to the My Wizard section of the app, your child will eventually buy all of the potions necessary to transform their Wizard Lizard in to the avatar of their choosing.

πŸͺ„ We hope you enjoy the My Wizard section of DoodleSpell. If you have any further questions, please do let us know through the green chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

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