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How to buy and mix potions in DoodleSpell
How to buy and mix potions in DoodleSpell

Spells, potions and accessories in DoodleSpell

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Want to understand a little bit more about how the My Wizard section of DoodleSpell works? Read on to find out how to transform from Lizzy Wizzy to Dragizard!

Within the emporium they will use their hard earned stars to purchase potions that they can mix together to create new potions, which will then transform their wizard into different characters.

Getting started

To start mixing and making potions, users will first need to earn some stars and purchase the cauldron. All children will start with Lizzy Wizzy.

Transforming your wizard

All of the potions that can transform the wizard are made up of a combination of a Reactium potion and an Explodium potion.

To change the wizard into other characters, why not try mixing these ingredients together to see what happens...

  • Lizards Blood and Ghouls Blood- this creates Tomithium with transforms Lizzy Wizzy into Wormizard

  • Pixie Blood and Dragon Tears

  • Imp's Eyes and Troll Sweat

  • Centaur's Sweat and Snail Slime

  • Buffalo Burp and Squid Tentacle

  • Troll Slime and Madagascan Bat Wing

  • Crushed Beetles and Leprechaun's Beard

  • Fruit Bat Wing and Yeti Tear-drop

  • Wizard's Bogey and Unicorn Eyes

  • Octopus Tentacle and Wizard's Magic

  • Snake Venom and Witches' Elixir

  • Fairy Dust and A Knight's Hair

Each potion has a certain number of uses which can be found by clicking on the potion. Once they have been used up, the potion will be removed from the store and the user will need to buy more.


As well as mixing potions together, users can spend their stars on different accessories for their wizard (please note, only certain characters are able to hold the broomsticks and staffs).

๐Ÿช„ We hope you enjoy the My Wizard section of DoodleSpell. If you have any further questions, please do let us know through the green chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

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