In the My Wizard section of DoodleSpell, users start with the wizard Lizzy Wizzy.

Mixing specific potions together will create new potions, which will transform your wizard into other characters.

Getting started

To start mixing and making potions, you'll first need to buy the cauldron.

Transforming your wizard

All of potions that can transform your wizard are made up of a combination of a Reactium potion and an Explodium potion.

To change the wizard into other characters, try mixing these ingredients:

  • Lizards Blood and Ghouls Blood

  • Pixie Blood and Dragon Tears

  • Imp's Eyes and Troll Sweat

  • Centaur's Sweat and Snail Slime

  • Buffalo Burp and Squid Tentacle

  • Troll Slime and Madagascan Bat Wing

  • Crushed Beetles and Leprechaun's Beard

  • Fruit Bat Wing and Yeti Tear-drop

  • Wizard's Bogey and Unicorn Eyes

  • Octopus Tentacle and Wizard's Magic

  • Snake Venom and Witches' Elixir

  • Fairy Dust and A Knight's Hair


Accessories can be purchased for your wizard, but only certain characters are able to hold the broomsticks and staffs.

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