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Why have my child's stars disappeared?
Why have my child's stars disappeared?
Why stars seem to 'disappear' on the Leaderboard
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If your child is part of a class, or has siblings using Doodle, they'll be able to see where they rank on the Doodle Leaderboard. This is found in the Friends section of the Learning Zone.

The Leaderboard will show a weekly star total or streak length, which can be switched between by clicking on the toggle.

The star total displays a 'running 7-day total'. This is the total number of stars that a child has earned during the exact last 7 days. This will usually go up, but it can sometimes go down.

For example, if Rose earned 10 DoodleStars today, but on the same equivalent day last week she earned 50 DoodleStars, her total would go up by 10 but then down by 50 as that day last week now falls outside the 7 days.

This is why children sometimes think their stars have 'disappeared' when a high-scoring day now falls outside of the last 7 days.

To find the current total number of stars the child has in their account, tap on the target gauge in the bottom left-hand corner. This will display their total number of stars over the last 7 days and the number of star they have available to spend.

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