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Troubleshooting and Technical Support
Troubleshooting and Technical Support

Common problems and solution support

I'm unable to log into my accountI'm being asked to check my username and/or password
Forgotten child/parent passwordWhat to do if you or your child has forgotten their Doodle password.
My child has lost their streakWhat do I do if my child loses their streak?
Is my child's work syncing to the server?How to check everything is syncing correctly!
Do I need a WiFi connection?Can my child Doodle offline?
Why have my child's stars disappeared?Why stars seem to 'disappear' on the Leaderboard
There is no sound on DoodleWhat to do if you can't hear the question being read or sounds effects in the app
The currency/language on the app is wrongHow to select the correct country.
Downloading curriculum contentWhy is the app asking me to download curriculum content?
What devices can I use Doodle on?A list of compatible devices
Can I use multiple devices?Does my child have to Doodle exlusively on one device?
How to set automatic app updates on your deviceHow to set automatic app updates on your device
How often are the Doodle apps and dashboards updated?
How to find the operating system on my deviceWe recommend that you keep your device's operating system up to date to ensure optimum running of the Doodle apps.
Clearing cache data on your mobile deviceWhat to do if uninstalling and reinstalling the app hasn't worked
Clearing cookies and cache on your laptop or PCIf you're having any problems with the browser versions of our programmes, please try the following troubleshooting tips!
Runtime ErrorWhat to do if you see a runtime error when using the app
How do I download the Doodle Learning apps to a Kindle Fire tablet?Download DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish, DoodleSpell and DoodleTables without changing to an adult profile
I've upgraded to full access through the website, so why is the app still showing restricted access?Why is my child unable to access their premium account?
How do I find my hidden Apple ID?Having problems logging in? It may be that you have already signed up with your Apple ID.
My payment failed, what can I do?What to do if your subscription payment was unsuccessful
My account is due to be deleted; however, I would like to reactivate itHave you accidentally deleted your account or received a deletion email from Doodle?
Contact UsHow to access our support materials or contact the team.
DoodleConnect minimum operating system requirements on iOS
Doodle's Diagnostics ToolOur handy new tool to ensure Doodle will run smoothly