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Doodle's Diagnostics Tool

Our handy new tool to ensure Doodle will run smoothly

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Having problems with Doodle running effectively on your device? The new Doodle Diagnostic Tool will help you to run a check of the network status of the device being used and can signal any issues that may prevent the device being able to run the Doodle programmes smoothly.

You will find this on our log-in pages and the settings section of the app.
To access the diagnostic tool, click on the Diagnostics button

This is found in the bottom left-hand corner of the log-in pages.

This can also be accessed from the Settings menu within the app, under the About tab.

When activated, the Diagnostics tool will check different elements of the programme and display a report:

If you see all green ticks you're all good to go! βœ…

If you see any red crosses this indicates that there is a problem ❌

An error code and message which can then be reported to our team via the green chat bubble on our website which will then help us to be able to advise further with more tailored support.

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