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We have created a range of tools including the DoodlePad and multiplication square to support your child with their Doodling!

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Users can access Tools when answering a question on DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish. This can help users to answer questions and become more independent in their learning. To do this they need to tap on the arrow in the bottom left-hand corner and select Tools.

Tools sidebar

The tools sidebar consists of the following:

  • Pen tool (tap on it to turn it on and tap again to turn it off)

  • Rubber (tap on it to turn it on and tap again to turn it off)

  • Magnifying glass (users tap on it to turn it on and tap again to turn it off). It is useful to note that either the pen tool or the rubber can be active when the magnifying glass is active.

  • Return to the previous screen (this allows users to easily return to the question screen or the last tool they were using)

  • Tool menu (the arrow) This brings up a selection of tools a user can choose from.

If you tap on each tool, it will show a preview of the tool and the information button will provide information about how to use it. Pressing Let’s go will take you to the screen for that tool.


The DoodlePad allows any workings or notes to be made on the same screen as the questions. Users can access this by clicking on the pencil icon. They can turn the toggle in the bottom right hand corner on/off depending upon whether they wish to see the question underneath or not.

Multiplication Square

The multiplication square is a common resource used in primary schools. It can be used to help with multiplication facts, division facts, multiples and factors.

Change the size - By tapping on 10x or 12x, users can change the size of the multiplication square depending on which times tables they need for their age.

Factor reveal - By tapping on a number in white when in no colour mode, a user can reveal the factors for that number. By dragging or tapping a different number, the factors will adjust accordingly.

Colour change - By tapping on a colour, users can select a number in white and change its colour. Dragging will change the colour of multiple numbers at once. The colours also have patterns associated with them. This is so that there is a non colour-based form of identification for users who might have difficulties distinguishing between colours. Factors will still be shown for the last number that has been pressed. To remove colour, clear all can be pressed or users can go over their coloured tiles in no colour mode.

Square numbers - If a user taps on the x in the corner of the multiplication square, the square numbers will become highlighted.

Zoom and Pan - This functionality is particularly useful for users with a small screen size (for example, if your child is Doodling on a mobile phone). When zoomed in, all functionality of the multiplication square is still available.

  • + allows users to zoom in

  • - allows users to zoom out

  • Arrows allow users to move left, right, up and down when they are zoomed in. If they hold down their finger, it will allow them to move more quickly in any direction.

Multiple reveal - Users can also tap on any of the green numbers around the outside to highlight whole rows and columns. This is useful for looking at multiples of a particular number. More than one row or column can be highlighted at once. Tapping a highlighted row or column again will remove the highlight.

Clear all - The clear all button removes all colour and highlight from the multiplication square. The zoom and size of the multiplication square will remain unaffected.

💡 Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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