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First login for student using using school generated username and password
First login for student using using school generated username and password
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This video explains what Doodle looks like when a child first logs in using the login details provided by the school.

Download the apps/Access browser versions

The first step is for the child to open the DoodleMaths or DoodleEnglish app, or access using a GoogleChrome or Safari browser using the below links:

Login to the app

To login they just need to follow these steps:

  1. From the main login screen they need to select Login and then select Student username

  2. They then need to enter the username and password as provided by the school.

Once the student has logged in

When they first log in, they will need confirm their date of birth, and then rate their confidence with this subject. Once they have done this they are ready to get started!

The first few sets of questions will be the baseline assessment. During this time, the app is finding out about the child as a learner. But once finished, they will be able to get started with a New and then their A-Day.

Learners will earn a DoodleStar for each correct answer. If they find a question tricky they can click on the Help button and choose to have a Hint or Explanation - if it is still too tricky it can be saved to Tricky Questions (these are saved to the homepage and can be accessed at any time and worked through with help).

The aim is for children to be within their green zone. When they are in their green zone, they will be able to access the motivational features, including Friends and avatar (My Robot, My Travels, My Panda, or My Wizard) section of the app and spend their hard earned stars.

Parents can link their parent email address to the child's account through the Settings section of the app. Once linked, they can download the DoodleConnect app and monitor how they are getting on with their programme.

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