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Target Zone

What is the target zone and how can students and teachers see if they are on target?

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When a learner logs in to Doodle, they’ll see a gauge with an arrow in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This shows the learner whether they’re on target to achieve their weekly star target. This is an achievable number of stars for each child based upon their age and ability. This target is achievable by Doodling little and often.

If a learner has not earned enough stars to reach their weekly target they the dial will show in the red zone to the left-hand side of the gauge. If they are in the red zone, Games and Friends will be locked.

If a learner has earned additional stars over their weekly target, they'll also enter the red zone on the right-hand side of the gauge. Being in this zone will lock all activities in Doodle. This indicates that a learner has used Doodle for more than the suggested time in a week. Locking additional activities helps to promote healthy screen time, as we don't want children to spend too long in front of a screen.

If a learner enters the red zone and you're happy for them to continue with their work, you'll then be asked to enter your teacher password; when you've done this, the activities will be unlocked.

You can check that you students are on target and in the green zone by going to Work programmes > View effort on the Teacher Dashboard. You will see a bar for each student which shows whether they are in their green or red zone. We recommend rewarding students who are in their green zone on a weekly basis. For ideas on how to do this please see here.

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