On the Teacher Dashboard, there are lots of tools to help you identify and track learning gaps, progress and next steps for pupils.

Where can I find useful information about my pupils?

To view a breakdown of the topics that students have covered, go to the Analyse > Understanding page. You will also be able to view strengths in their understanding, mastered skills and areas for development. To find out more about the features, you can click on the How-to buttons on each page.

How can I use Doodle to track progress over time?

To view pupil progress, simply head to the Analyse > Progress page. This will give you a clear picture of their progress against their end of year objectives. You can choose a custom time period and data can be exported.

How can I use Doodle to monitor a pupil’s effort?

If you are looking to recognise a pupil’s effort, you can track this on the Analyse > Effort page. Here you will be able to see who has been Doodling little and often.

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