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How do I see if my students have any Tricky Questions saved?
How do I see if my students have any Tricky Questions saved?

You can view students' Tricky Questions on the app and on the Teacher Dashboard

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If a user is really struggling with a question, they have the option to save a question to their Tricky Questions. Once added to Tricky Questions, they can then receive help from an adult or peer, without worrying that this will impact their main work programme.

You can check if your students have any questions saved to their Tricky Questions folder by following these steps:

  1. Login to the Teacher Dashboard and hover over Work programmes > View understanding.

  2. Select your class, and then select an individual learner on the left hand side.

  3. From there you will see an exclamation mark if there are any saved tricky questions

Click on the exclamation mark, and you can see the question content. Some of the questions will have images that don’t show up in that view.

Another way would be to log into Doodle with that learner and open Tricky Questions from the Learning Zone. You can answer Tricky Questions together with the learner without this impacting the rest of their work programme.

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