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DoodleEnglish Games

Learn more about the games available within the DoodleEnglish Programme

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There are two games available in DoodleEnglish - WordSearch and X-Words.


Doodlers need to find a word which has been randomly selected from a bank of words and corresponding images. Children can choose between timed and relaxed game mode.

πŸ• Timed games show a countdown timer and ends after 60 seconds, they also have 3 hints and cannot refresh the board.

πŸ€— Relaxed games allow the user to keep playing until they quit, they also have 4 hints and can refresh the board 3 times.

If a child decides to use a hint, the first letter of the word will pulse. (A second hint cannot be used for the same word) πŸ€”
If your child chooses to refresh the board, a new word is selected and a new board is created, refresh cannot be selected if the word to find has already been hinted at.

Ask your child to start by pressing on one letter on the board, then dragging to select more tiles. Once they start selecting tiles in one direction, they can only select more tiles in that same direction. Tiles can be deselected by dragging back through the tiles. Once they have stopped selecting tiles, the word is checked.

When they find the word, their total increases by 1, a new word is selected and a new board created.

For every 5 words found, Doodlers earn 1 star 🌟


This is a traditional crossword game where Doodlers must use the letters shown at the bottom of the screen to answer the clues to the crossword.

A 'longest' word is selected from a dictionary bank of appropriate clues and words. πŸ“–

The length of this 'longest' word is based on your child's Doodle Age with a maximum length of 10 and a minimum length of 5.

5 other words are then selected from this dictionary. Their length is based on your child's Doodle Age with a maximum length of 6 and no minimum length.
The longest word is placed on the board horizontally. The remaining words are then prioritised to be placed through the longest word vertically. If not possible, they are then placed horizontally.

The letters in the chosen words are then placed as tiles below the crossword. Doodlers must drags these tiles into board spaces to spell the word. Once they have placed all these words correctly, the game ends. πŸ’₯

The number of 🌟 that the user can earn is based on the number of clues.
The hints available depends on how many clues they have left to solve. πŸ€”

If they have more than one clue left, one of these hints will be randomly selected (the clue for which the hint relates is shown and all others are faded out)

  • Any tiles that have been incorrectly placed in that clue's space are moved back to the tile area

  • All tiles in the tile area that are not part of the word cannot be moved and are faded - only tiles in that clue's answer are active

Once that clue has been guessed, the other tiles and clues are no longer faded and can be used once more. πŸ˜„

If they only have one clue left to solve, any incorrectly placed tiles are moved back to the tile area or the first unplaced letter of the word is placed into its correct position.

Have fun and happy Doodling!

πŸ’‘ Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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