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What games are there in Doodlespell? 🎑

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Check out the fun games available in DoodleSpell πŸ‘€

Which one are you going to try out Muddle or Spaceman?


  • Create as many words as you can from the grid by dragging and selecting letter tiles that spell a word.

  • If the word is correct it will turn green, if it is incorrect it will turn yellow.

  • In timed mode you'll have 120 seconds to do this, but the board cannot be reshuffled.

  • In relaxed mode you can keep playing until you are ready to quit the game, you will have 4 hints and 3 board reshuffles.

  • Words will be scored based on how many letters they have.

    • Any word 2 or 3 letters = 1 point

    • Any word 3 or 4 letters = 2 points

    • Any word 5 or more letters = 2 points

  • Every 5 points earns you a DoodleStar ⭐️


  • Spaceman starts with 6 stars and a full tank of fuel.

  • Use the picture to help you spell the word.

  • Choose a letter and they will be added to the word in the correct position.

  • If the letter you chose is incorrect a red cross will appear over the letter, the possible stars earned will drop by 1 and the fuel tank will go down.

  • If you guess incorrectly 6 times the fuel tank will empty and the game ends.

  • If you guess the correct spelling the game will continue until you've earned all the stars. 🌟

  • If you have a DoodleAge of 9 and above there will be no picture, so you will need to work it out by looking at the number of letters needed in the spaces provided.

Have fun and happy Doodling! πŸ˜„

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