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What is a streak?

What is a streak? ⚡️ How does it work 🤔

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A streak is the number of days you have Doodled in a row ⚡️

A streak will drop back to 0 if you forget to Doodle for 2 days👌🏻

If you Doodle and collect your DoodleStars the streak will update. If you miss a day you can get your streak back by completing yesterday’s and today’s exercises.

Wow, this Doodler's streak is currently 800! ⚡️

You can find the target gauge displaying your streak on the bottom left-hand side of the Learning Zone 👀

If you take a break 💔 from Doodle you can use a streak saver to save a lost streak 🤒 or if you know you are going away you can freeze your streak 🥶 by using your streak saver.

To find out how to use streak savers click here!

Happy Doodling! 😄

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