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Reinstating a student's streak on the Teacher Dashboard
Reinstating a student's streak on the Teacher Dashboard

Has your student accidentally broken their streak? Not to worry - reinstating a streak is super simple to action from the Teacher Dashboard.

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What is a streak

A streak is the number of consecutive days your child has completed exercises on DoodleMaths or DoodleEnglish.

When a child completes an exercise and collects their DoodleStars, the streak will update for that day. If a child misses a day or doesn’t get the chance to complete an exercise on Doodle, they will have the option to restore their streak by completing yesterday’s and today’s work.

You can view your students' streaks in Work programmes > view effort. Streak-building has been an important aspect of Doodle for many years. We know that Doodling consistently and regularly enables children to learn, revise and master sufficient topics to progress in their learning, and building a streak is a great way to demonstrate that effort.

What to do if a student loses their streak through no fault of their own?

If a child has lost their streak we have a couple of options available to them:

  1. Streak savers

A streak saver will allow your child to keep their streak when they need to take a break from Doodle, allowing them to pick up their streak where they left off when they start Doodling again. A streak saver can be used if a child takes an unexpected break from Doodle to save their streak or can be used in advance if they know they are going to have a planned break from Doodle to freeze their streak. More information on how streak savers work can be found here. You can view when your students have used streak savers via the Teacher Dashboard by following the steps here.

2. Reinstate streak via Teacher Dashboard

Teachers have the ability to reinstate a student's streak from their Teacher Dashboard account. We recommend reinstating streaks for a genuine reason only as we still want streaks to encourage healthy, regular usage.

Once a streak has been reinstated, students will have to go onto Doodle within the next 24 hours, complete a lesson and earn their Doodle stars in order to the streak to update.

How to reinstate a streak on the Teacher Dashboard

  1. Sign into your Teacher Dashboard account

  2. Select Manage > students from the top menu

  3. Select your class from the drop down menu and then select the student whose streak is to be reinstated by ticking the box next to their name (if All is still selected you won't see the reinstate streak option there)

  4. Choose Reinstate streak from the select Action drop down menu and click the yellow Confirm button

Please note that only one student streak can be reinstated at one time.

An edit box will appear, showing the current streak and highest ever streak. It will not be possible to update a student's streak to a number higher than the number of days the account has been active.

Once the streak has been reinstated, a confirmation will be shown as well as a reminder that the student will need to complete work on their account in order for the change to take effect.

💡 Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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