What is the Teacher Dashboard?

An overview of the Teacher Dashboard

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The Teacher Dashboard - your online hub that tracks your students' progress.

In order to get the most out of Doodle, you can use our helpful How-to guides available directly from the Teacher Dashboard and these are accessible at any time that suits you.

To access the guides, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to the Teacher Dashboard (https://teachers.doodlelearning.com/) using the login details you have been provided with - ask your lead teacher to set up an account for you if you don't have one already.

  2. The first time you visit each page, a tour will automatically pop up.

  3. You can access the guides at any time by clicking on the green 'How-to' button on each page.

Get started now! Simply click the blue button below to begin.

The Teacher Dashboard allows you monitor your students' progress, support your students and edit your classes and teachers.

Login to your Teacher Dashboard using your school email and your Doodle password. 

Don't forget you can switch between DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish, DoodleTables and DoodleSpell in the top right hand corner of each page. 

On your Teacher Dashboard homepage you will find a Top Doodlers leaderboard. All Linked Students will also appear here. For information on how to manage these please follow click here.

By using the drop down menu on Manage you can access your Teachers, Students, Classes & Groups: 

  • Teachers: here you can add a new teacher, edit existing teachers or delete teachers' accounts. 

  • Classes: here you can view your existing classes, add new classes, and create groups within a class.

  • Students: this allows you to view all of your students' details. Here you can add students to your class, edit existing classes, reset students' passwords, edit My Friends settings and archive old accounts. 

  • Rewards: You can now create rewards to celebrate your pupils’ achievements in Doodle. These can be anything of your choosing, from an extra 10 minutes of golden time, to a class party!

Within Assignments, you can set a specific exercise linked to a particular curriculum topic.

  • Set: From here you can browse our extensive range of curriculum content and set a 15 question assignment for your pupils on any topic of your choosing.

  • Analyse: Within Analyse you can monitor how well your students have got on with a particular Assignment you have set. You can see their accuracy, number of attempts and time taken.

  • Create custom: If you want to create your very own custom Assignment - you can! You can even share this with your colleagues so it is available for them to use too.

In order to monitor your students' progress in Doodle, you need to click on the Work programmes drop down menu. 

  • View effort: This allows you to view a breakdown of the stars and streaks earned by your students.

  • View understanding: This displays your students' level of understanding for each of the AREs (Age Related Expectations) they have covered. The traffic light system represents your students' understanding. Here you can also set a Baseline Assessment.

  • View progress: Here you can view class and/ or an individual student's progress according the the percentage of end of year objectives covered or their DoodleAge.

Under your name in the far right corner you can view your account details and edit your name or update your password. 

If you have any questions about the Teacher Dashboard and how to use it, please contact our friendly team via the green chat bubble!

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