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Updates to Teacher Dashboard

An overview of the updates to the Teacher Dashboard and what you need to do next.

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We’re excited to announce some updates to your Doodle Teacher Dashboard 🎉

These changes have been made based on feedback from our teachers and are designed to enhance your experience.

Combined maths and English classes

It will no longer be necessary to create separate classes for Maths and English, and any newly created classes will be ready to use, without activation by your School Success Advisor (no need to Clone classes anymore!).

Groups are now classes

Students can be in multiple classes to help with interventions or setting assignments across a year group. You can have as many classes as you wish. To add a student to a class follow these steps. Any existing groups will be converted into ‘classes’ with the same name.

Teachers linked to classes

To help teachers only see what they need to see on the Teacher Dashboard teachers can be linked to their respective classes. As a default, all teachers will be able to view data for all classes but can then select to only see their own classes by unlinking themselves from unneeded classes. To do this please follow these steps.

Extra school roles introduced

We are introducing extra roles to allow admin and trust level roles to oversee and view data for multiple sites.

Order of roles (highest to lowest):

  • Multi-account admin - can view data for multiple Trusts

  • Account admin - can view data for all classes within a Trust/District

  • Site admin/Lead Teacher - can view data for all classes (irrespective of whether they are linked to that class)

  • Teacher - can view data for classes that they are linked to

For staff members overseeing Doodle across multiple sites, we will be introducing a single sign-on capability. This means that they will be able to access data from different locations with just one Doodle account, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time. For more information on managing teacher roles, please see here.

Once you move across:

  • Any existing groups will automatically be created into classes

  • Any Maths and English classes you previously had which are the same (same name and same students within them) will be automatically combined into one class.

  • All teachers will, as default, be linked to all classes

Actions you need to take:

  1. Check that your class names are clear and the students in the classes are correct. For more information on how to add students to different classes, please see here and for how to edit your classes please see here.

  2. Assign classes to teachers - steps for how to do this can be found in this help centre article.

  3. Get in touch if you work across multiple sites and have different logins so that we can update your account to have multiple site access

  4. If you need to change your teacher role then please contact your SSA directly to change this for you

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