Creating student accounts

How to quickly create student accounts via the Teacher Dashboard in just a few clicks!

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To create multiple student accounts

To create multiple student accounts at once, ensure your class list is populated into a spreadsheet in the following format (if you leave the username/password column blank, Doodle will automatically create a username and password for the student):

First name

Last name

Username (optional)

Student email (optional)

Password (optional)

DOB (optional)

Then follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Teacher Dashboard

  2. Select Manage > students

  3. Click on the yellow Create student account(s) button

  4. Select Create several student accounts

  5. Select the class that you would like to add the students to (students can be added to multiple classes) and tap add students

  6. Then, copy and paste the student data from your spreadsheet into the box. Click Check, and the usernames and passwords will be created automatically. Then click on Submit, and finally Confirm.

  7. The student login details will be downloaded automatically. Make sure you save this somewhere secure for future reference as passwords will not be viewable on the Teacher Dashboard once the students have been created.

To add an individual student account:

  1. Login to the Teacher Dashboard

  2. Select Manage > Students

  3. Select Create one student account

  4. Then fill in the students details and create for them a username and password (please note, the username needs to be unique across the whole Doodle network - make a note of these to give to the student). Be sure to add them to at least one class using the drop down or by typing in the box.

  5. Then press Add

  6. You will then be able to download a login slip for that student

Students can add themselves using the class code

  1. Login to the Teacher Dashboard

  2. Go to Manage > classes

  3. From here you will be able to see your class and the Class code will be listed toward the right hand side of the page - share this with the student(s)

  4. The student needs to open the Doodle app and select I have a class code from school

  5. Then, click on I want to create an account for my child and enter the class code you provided. They should then follow the instructions within the app to create their account.

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