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How to connect your teacher account to specific classes
How to connect your teacher account to specific classes

The steps to take to link or unlink yourself to your classes

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Teacher can be directly linked to the class they are responsible for, ensuring the data viewed is transparent, relevant and readily accessible.

As a default, all teachers will be able to view data for all classes but can then select to only see their own classes by unlinking themselves from unneeded classes.

To manage the classes you are linked to, head to the Teacher Dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Head to Manage > teachers

  2. Find your teacher account listed in the table and then click on the edit icon on the far right hand side

  3. In the Edit Teacher pop up that appears, you will see a Classes box on the right hand side. You will see the classes you are currently linked to. Click on the arrow to view a drop down list of all classes you can link to or, search by class name in the search box.

  4. To remove yourself from any classes, click the X next to the name of the class you don't want to be linked to

  5. Be sure to press Save once you have linked or unlinked yourself to a class

🌟 You will still be able to see all classes listed within the Top Doodlers leaderboard on the homepage of the Teacher Dashboard.

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